Modern Box Cutter for Food Industry with Stainless Steel Blades - High Productivity and Unique Features with 100% guaranttee (1000 Series, Orange)

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  • Best for the Food Industry, however it can be used for any dry cutting
  • With Stainless Steel Blades
  • For Dry Use only

3 Precise Blade Depth: 3 precise blade depth setting. Adjust depth according to the thickness of the surface.
Tiny 1 Depth Blade Setting: The ‘1 depth’ is a special feature to be used, if you have a fear that product may damage during cutting. Because during rush the employee may damage the product while cutting the surface with pressure.
Box Edge Guide: The dual-sided edge guide enables left- and right-handed users to make quick, accurate top cuts, and slides back into locked position when the cut is complete.
Holster and Lanyard: The holder will provide safety to the workers and protect them from any injury.
Holster: Holster can be clipped with uniform or belt loop for easy accessibility and time saving. It can be rotated in right or left direction as per convenience to clip on.
2 Blades: Cutter comes with 2 blades.